Revolutionary way to use AIRTABLE.

Airtables most advanced feature for individuals, teams and enterprises is it's advanced "Interface Designer". That's why at the center of CareTable is the world's most advanced use of interface designer. With this interface designer you will be able to go from a simple diary to a complex life management system for yourself or team!


Revolutionary way to work with EMOTIONS!

CareTable understands at the center of your life and success is how you and your emotions are understood and shared! That's why the full application ships with nearly 100 emotions for you to pick from!


Revolutionary way to maintain your VALUES!

Values help you decide what to focus on each moment of your day. Do you know your values? Do they guide you? CareTable helps you build your values and tie them to your emotional life and daily journal!

Revolutionary way to collaborate on MIRO!

Some of us are visual thinkers. What if you could review your journal, update your values and work with yourself, family or team, using Miro and seamlessly integrate to Airtable?

CareTable 2023 (TM)