Exploring CareTable's Four Pillars of Daily Self-Care

CareTable's standard configuration provides users with a comprehensive set of tools to support their daily self-care practices. With features that focus on journaling, emotional exploration, habit tracking, and values creation, CareTable can help users achieve their goals, stay accountable, and live a more fulfilling life.
Daily Journal
The daily journal feature provides a secure and private space for users to log their thoughts, inspirations, gratitude, and reflections. This can help users to clear their minds, reflect on their experiences, and gain insights into their thoughts and emotions.
Emotional Explorer
The emotional explorer feature provides a gentle and supportive space for users to tag their feelings, allowing them to start mapping how their thoughts and body sensations relate to their emotions. This feature can help users gain a deeper understanding of their emotional patterns, which can be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-improvement.
Habit Tracker
The habit tracker feature is action-oriented and can help users stay accountable to their goals. With the ability to track sleep, steps, calories, focus, and more, users can monitor their progress and adjust their routines as needed.
Value Creator
Values creator feature provides a system for users to define their values and ensure that they are sticking to them each day. This feature can help users align their actions with their values, which can lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Revolutionary way to use AIRTABLE.

One of the key benefits of using CareTable's journal is that it's completely customizable. With the advanced interface designer, users can create views that are tailored to their specific needs. For example, if a user wants to track their emotions and habits, they can create custom views that allow them to do so easily. Or, if a user wants to focus on reviewing their values each day, they can create a view that highlights their highest and lowest values for each day.
  • Scalable Interface
    CareTable's journals are at the heart of the tool and are a great example of how Airtable's advanced interface designer can be used to create customizable workflows. With CareTable's journals, users can start with a simple journal to reflect and rate their day, but can also quickly scale up to include more features such as emotions, habits, and value tracking.
  • Not Just Days
    the integration with time and date events can help users see beyond their current circumstances and gain a broader perspective. By understanding how these events are influencing their experiences, users can begin to see patterns and connections that they may not have noticed otherwise. This can help users develop a more holistic and nuanced view of their lives, and gain a deeper appreciation for the natural rhythms of the world around them.
  • Motivation
    Motivation is a key aspect of CareTable's daily journaling practice. Each day is custom-engineered to provide users with messages and prompts that can help them get the most out of their journaling practice. From inspirations to reflections, gratitude to intention setting, CareTable provides users with a variety of prompts and messages that can help them engage more deeply with their lives and experiences.


The emotional explore engine in CareTable allows users to track their emotions, bodily sensations, and thought patterns. By mapping these factors to specific emotions, users can gain a deeper understanding of their emotional patterns and identify potential triggers or patterns that may be influencing their emotions. This can be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-improvement.
  • Inside - Out
    Emotional explore engine is a powerful feature of CareTable, and the base seven emotions - fearful, angry, disgusted, sad, happy, surprised, and bad - provide a solid foundation for users to start tracking their emotions. By providing a clear and easy-to-use system for logging emotions throughout the day, CareTable can help users gain a deeper understanding of their emotional patterns and make positive changes in their lives.
  • Search Your Feelings
    search for emotions and relive any day in your life is a powerful feature of CareTable. By tracking emotions and tying them to specific days, CareTable allows users to gain insights into their emotional patterns and how they have handled similar situations in the past.
  • Mapping Your Mind Body Connection
    Mapping thoughts and bodily sensations to emotions is a key feature of the emotional explore engine in CareTable. Sometimes, we may not be sure what we are feeling, but we may be aware of bodily sensations or thought patterns that are associated with those feelings. By mapping these sensations and thoughts to emotions, CareTable can help users gain a deeper understanding of their emotional states and identify areas for improvement.


Habit Tracker feature in CareTable is a powerful tool for tracking and improving your daily habits. By default, CareTable allows you to track your sleep, exercise, steps, weight, calories, and water intake, but you can also add any other habits you want to track by simply creating a new field and adding it to your interface.
  • Six to Start
    By default, you get six areas of your biology and behavior to start. Because it's built on AirTable, you can add more.
  • Charts and Graphs
    Just don't log your data, see your data. Habit Tracker allows you to see right trends tied to your day.
  • Emotions and Behaviors
    Because your habits are tied to your emotions, you can quickly zero in on problem times and or people that drive you to your worst.

A revolutionary way to maintain your VALUES!

Value Creator feature in CareTable is a powerful tool for defining and aligning your personal values with your daily actions. This feature has been a cornerstone of Chris Dancy's life database system, and was one of the most watched videos on YouTube regarding Airtable.
  • Definitions
    Values start with clear definitions to help you understand and articulate what is most important to you.
  • Actions
    Values without actions to guard them are just priorities. Value creator lets you define the actions you will take to defend your value set.
  • Guardrails
    Finally, value creator comes with the ability to define guardrails for your values. Guardrails are the steps, tools, or practices you take to get back on track with aligning to your values.

Revolutionary way to COLLABORATE on MIRO!

Weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings allow you to meet with your family or team and review your values and objectives via Miro. Gather around a virtual whiteboard and review where you are in your life.


Take CareTable Further with CareTable+ Suite

CareTable+ is the advanced version of CareTable that comes with additional features and capabilities. In addition to all the features included in the standard version of CareTable, CareTable+ includes
  • 1

    • Advanced Emotions: CareTable+ comes with a list of nearly 100 emotions, providing users with a more nuanced and detailed system for tracking their emotions.
    • AI Integration: CareTable+ includes AI capabilities, allowing users to chat with their future self or custom built gods and goddesses on tough days.
    • Esoteric Tools: CareTable+ includes a library of esoteric tools such as Tarot, Gemstones, and more.
    • Focus and Meditation Charts: CareTable+ includes charts to track your focus and meditation, helping you gain insights into your mental and emotional states.
  • 2

    CareTable+ Workshop
    • CareTable+ Workshop: For users who want to get the most out of CareTable+, the CareTable+ Workshop includes a one-hour monthly group workshop to help you maximize your use of the tool.
  • 3

    CareTable+ Coaching
    • Coaching with Chris Dancy: For users who want personalized support and guidance, CareTable+ with Coaching includes all the features of CareTable+ Workshop, plus one hour of one-on-one coaching with Chris Dancy, the world's most connected person.

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