Why stop at a journal when you can work with Gods?

Powered by the award winning interface design by Chris Dancy, CareTable plus now comes with two advanced scripts and more data. Imagine having nearly 100 emotions, a tarot reader and an integration to talk to any God or Goddess you Create?
Work with Tarot
Some times relying on your feelings can be overwhelming. With Tarot, your journal now has a daily external guide in the cards. Each card described beautifully and a video overview.
Talk To Gods
Beyond yourself, your own personal deity. Harnessing the power of ChatGPT, CareTable+ allows you to create your own God or use one from our pantheon and get answers to your biggest questions.
All The Feels
With close to 100 emotions, the ability to catalog and recognize the differences.
CareTable Plus

The Magic Of Tarot

Your daily journal integrated with the magic of Tarot. Cards tied to days with the ability to understand how they impact your feelings, drive and future. Tough decision, let the Tarot guide you.
CareTable Plus

Talk to Gods

Do you want advice, guidance, or support from the very heavens above? Now with CareTable+, you can have an integration to ChatGPT and get tailored advice based on your emotions, questions, moon cycle, tarot, and more.
CareTable Plus

Emotions & You

Let's be honest, working with our emotions can be some of the toughest tasks we face. CareTable+ comes with nearly 100 emotions, tied to body sensations, mental thought patterns and even aligned with Gods who can help you, charts graphs, crystals and even chakras!
CareTable 2023 (TM)